Essay: Nobility and chivalry in Monaco

Speaking of the principality of Monaco, most people who visited, or learned details about this small principality from Riviera, appreciate the splendors of architecture and urban planning, breathtaking scenery, magnificent ports with luxurious yachts, exclusive lifestyle of the residents. In a word, they admire what he managed to become the principality: paradise of the luxury and wellness, of the wisdom and beauty, where the man worked the rock, transforming it from a huge stone in a lively gem.            But the great  wealth of the principality is the spirituality of the community, the spiritual life diversified, complex and profound that these small local communities live. Because the residents of the principality have their own spirituality, based on faith, on their great traditions and human values, spirituality that sustains and propels the development of material life.For this I was convinced when I met one side of the spirituality of principality’s community, the side  of nobility and chivalry. Principality has its own dynastic orders: Ordre de Saint-Charles, dynastic order of chivalry established by order (decree) of January 1863, by Prince Charles III of Monaco; Ordre des Grimaldi, founded by decree 1028 of 1954, 18noiembrie; Ordre de la Couronne, established by decree of July 20, 1960. The special importance and prestige of these orders are highlighted by the fact that they are under the direct leadership of S.A.S.Prince of Monaco.    There are several orders and medals that are given to the great personalities in the cultural field, the Red Cross, etc.    Dynastic Orders of Monaco are very important and the purpose of their establishment It was to encourage the spiritual development of specific local, to promote the great Christian virtues and to recognize and to reward the nobility of the human spirit, major local and foreign personalities, dedicated to the art, culture, science, charity. There are recognized the merits of the personalities which, by their work  and their example, bring great spiritual benefits to the Principality and humanity, with these orders themselves form of the high spirituality that develops in the Principality.

Apart from their knightly orders, in principality exists and other important knightly orders, including the (usual names): Order of the Templar Knights, Knights of Malta, Knights of the Holy Sepulcher, etc.

The members of The Order of the Templar Knights (L’Ordre de Templiers de Jérusalem, OSMTH), Priory of Monaco, for example, they have an impressive spiritual life through their own specific chivalry  activities, by openness and international cooperation and participation in works of charity.        The Templar spirit is carried and transmitted with devotion, by a few people devoted to the spiritual evolution. Very interesting is its library, which includes works published in French, Italian and English, history, dogma, symbolism and Templar spirituality.      But, about the Templar Knights in the Principality, we present more data in another essay, their dedicated, because this essay is dedicated to the spirit of nobility of all dynastic and chivalry orders in the Principality, of their deep spirituality, bearers of human values, spiritual, moral.

Michaël R. Villmont

Barcelona, 2017





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